Connecting Wise-Sync to QuickBooks Online

In this video we will look at this process to link Wise-Sync to your QuickBooks Online accounting package. 

Add Wise-Sync > Company and Connect QuickBooks Online  

  1. Navigate to Wise-Sync > Select “Companies” from top right-hand corner of screen 
  2. Select “Add Company” 
  3. Connect to QuickBooks Online account and click accept 

Configure Wise-Sync > Company settings 

Complete the following settings under Wise-Sync > Company 

  1. Company  
    • Locale = Location of business 
    • Company Name = Name of business
  2. Time Zone  
    • Update to Time Zone of ConnectWise PSA server (eg EST) 
  3. Tax Codes 
    • Recommended settings but can differ based on location and tax requirements. 
    • Tax code when sold 
      • Tax Group = will use tax code from PSA Invoice 
    • Tax code when bought 
      • Tax Code (Vendor) = Vendor’s Tax Code 
    • Tax exempt when sold  
      • Out of scope (USA) 
  4. Click “Create” from bottom right corner to create in new Company  

Then, return to complete setup Select > Company > Company from list 

  1. GL Owner Levels 
    • Click the plus sign next to the locations (from PSA) that should be synced to QuickBooks Online 
  2. Adjustment Items & Rounding Items 
    • Set sales and purchase accounts for penny discrepancies between ConnectWise PSA and QuickBooks Online.  
    • If no specific account for rounding, use miscellaneous income and cost accounts.   
  3. Invoice Options 
    • Service Invoice Detail Level = Service or Detailed 
  4. Click “Save” from bottom right corner  

There are other settings under Company but these are not required to sync Invoices and Payments. 

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