Mapping GL Accounts from ConnectWise Manage Company Structure

Applies to: ConnectWise Manage

To correctly map information from ConnectWise Manage into the right accounts in the accounting package, the GL Accounts setup table must be set up properly. In order to do that, understanding the mapping options is paramount.

Upon onboarding, Wise-Sync shares a GL Mapping spreadsheet designed to outline all available mapping options in one view. This sheet can be used to plan and organize mappings even after your onboarding is complete.

Understanding the GL Level Mappings

As mentioned, there are several levels available to transfer data by, and understanding the levels in ConnectWise Manage is fundamental to the output in the accounting package.

Different options are available based on the type of information you’re transferring over, i.e. product income can be separated by product category, and service revenue can be separated by work type. For more in-depth information on the different levels that can be mapped, check out this ConnectWise University document. For Wise-Sync to work properly, please ensure you’re mapping to Account Numbers (and not names):

ConnectWise University GL Accounts Document 

There are some constant higher-level options available as well, like from your Manage Company Structure. More information is available below.

Company Structure

When you implemented ConnectWise Manage, you designed your Company Structure to outline your locations and departments/business units/work groups. What you’ve setup is now available to be used to break down revenue and expenses to transfer to your accounting package.

The following table provides segmentation options in the Accounting Interface, for a company with three billing locations, each with different workgroups.


Based on the above table, the following would be the ways in which you could segment the data to provide either granular or top-level consolidated data through to Xero.

  1.  Owner- Most top-level, provides no further segmentation

    > Eg. Wise-Sync

  2.  Office - Ability to segment income and expense at a workgroup level

    > Eg. Melbourne, London, Vancouver, Auckland.

  3.  Workgroup - Ability to segment income and expense at a workgroup level

    > Eg. Helpdesk, Sales, Development


It is important to plan how you would like the data to map from ConnectWise, as once invoices and purchase orders are closed, the GL Mapping has already been created. In order to re-create the GL Entries, the invoice or purchase order will need to be re-opened.

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