Accounting Package Setup Table Configuration

Applies to: ConnectWise Manage

The Accounting Package setup table needs to be configured inside ConnectWise Manage to be compatible with the Wise-Sync integration. This setup ensures that all of the data elements expected by Wise-Sync are contained in each batch.

How do I get there?

Inside ConnectWise Manage, navigate to System > Setup Tables, locate and drill into the Accounting Package setup table.

What do I do?

  1. Select 'Other' from the Accounting Package drop-down list
  2. Check to Enable the 'Include Invoices' option
  3. Check to Enable the 'Include Sales Tax' option
  4. Check to Enable the "Include Procurement Items" and 'Inventory SOH' options

  5. Check to Enable the "Include COGS Entries" option
  6. Change the Number of Account Segments to 4.
  7. In Segment 1, type: Account
  8. In Segment 2, type: Tracking 1
  9. In Segment 3, type: Tracking 2
  10. In Segment 4, type: Non-ProductID
  11. Select from the first Segment Dropdown as 'Account'
  12. Select the next 3 Segments Dropdown as 'Class'
  13. Save the Record


Even where you do not have the procurement module, it is important that you select the Procurement options so that items can move to your Accounting Package as expected

The Setup Table should match the following screenshot:

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