Apply ConnectWise Member Security

Applies to: ConnectWise Manage

To sync transactions from ConnectWise to your accounting package, the ConnectWise member performing the sync need role permissions to various modules.

If your organisation has a number of users assigned to specific security roles, and not all users require access to what Wise-Sync needs to sync transactions, a new role can be created specifically for those members that use Wise-Sync.

How do I get there?

To configure ConnectWise Manage security roles, navigate inside ConnectWise Manage to System > Security Roles. 

What do I do?

Identify Security Roles that need Updating

  1. Search for the member(s) using Wise-Sync functions, and note the Role ID. 
  2. Navigate to System > Security Roles > click into the roles potentially requiring updates

Edit a ConnectWise Security Role

For more information on how to edit Security Role in ConnectWise, see FAQ - How do I edit a ConnectWise Security Role?

The table below lists the Security Role modules and permissions needed to sync transactions in ConnectWise Manage versions 2019.3 and newer. This list isn't exhaustive (rather, a work in progress) as we discover the permissions that are required, they will be added here.

The following Modules and Permissions all require 'All' for 'Inquire Level'. 

CompaniesCompany MaintenanceWise-Sync requires permissions to query information from companies.
ContactsWise-Sync requires permission to query contacts from companies.
Manage AttachmentsWise-Sync requires permissions to get attachments when syncing expenses.
FinanceAccounting Interface
Select All for all levels (Add, Edit, Delete, Inquire). Wise-Sync needs to generate GL batches from ConnectWise for each financial record. This data is retrieved from the Accounting Interface.

InvoicingSelect All for all levels (Edit, Delete and Inquire).  Wise-Sync requires this permission in order to retrieve tax codes when doing an Invoice Sync. Also required, when a payment is reversed.
ProcurementInventory AdjustmentsWise-Sync requires permission to get inventory adjustments when syncing inventory.
Inventory TransfersWise-Sync requires permission to get inventory transfers when syncing inventory.
Product CatalogWise-Sync requires permissions to query information about products in the product category when syncing procurement/inventory.
ProductsWise-Sync requires permissions to query products for procurement/inventory.
Purchase OrdersWise-Sync requires permissions to query purchase orders when syncing procurement/inventory.

API ReportsWise-Sync requires permissions to query API Reporting Views when performing most tasks in Wise-Sync.
Member MaintenanceWise-Sync requires permission to view existing members within the system when syncing expenses.
My Company
Allows Wise-Sync to sync Territories, Structure Levels, etc.
Table Setup (Customize)Wise-Sync requires permissions to allow Invoicing/Tax Code table when syncing invoices

 Wise-Sync requires to allow access for General/Manage Hosted API and select All for all levels (Edit, Delete and Inquire)
Service Desk
Service TicketsWise-Sync requires Service Desk > Service Tickets set to All for Inquire Level to be able to sync expenses.

Time & Expense
Expense Report
Wise-Sync requires permissions to view reports located in the Expense Report Entry Category of the Reports Module when syncing expenses.
ReportsWise-Sync requires permissions to view reports located in the Time Entry Category of the Reports Module when syncing expenses.


  • The Finance: Accounting Interface requires ALL for all levels (Add, Edit, Delete, Inquire). 
  • If users are currently logged in while the change is made and saved, they made need to log out and back in to see their elevated rights.
  • For accounts on ConnectWise v2019.2 or older the only permission required to sync transaction is Finance: Accounting Interface select ALL for all levels (Add, Edit, Delete, Inquire). 

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