Wise-Sync Quick Start


Lets get started! Before meeting with your Wise-Sync Success Manager, here are the steps to complete:  

Wise-Sync Account - Update your ConnectWise PSA (Manage) details

Log into Wise-Sync (https://secure2.wise-sync.com/

Select Account from the top right corner of the screen 

  • >The account screen is where your Wise-Sync account details are stored. This information is only visible and editable by users with an Account-Admin user role.
  • Update 
    • ConnectWise: PSA site 
      • Enter your company's ConnectWise PSA (Manage) URL.
        For REST users, the site should be automatically set based on your Wise-Sync Account location
        Cloud partners, please refer to Manage Cloud URLs for your site URL. 
    • >ConnectWise: Company name
      • Enter the company ID for your company which you use when logging into ConnectWise PSA (Manage).
  • Hit Save

API Keys - Create and save ConnectWise API keys to Wise-Sync

Forward an invitation to your Accounting Package to onboarding@wise-sync.com

  • Invite onboarding@wise-sync.com to your accounting software as an advisor / admin, this will help us to understand your revenue sources, GL Account Mapping and Chart of Account Requirements.

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