FAQ: What is a Primary API Account?

Primary API Account

Wise-Sync requires specific access to your PSA so that it can be configured successfully. The Primary API Account concept was introduced to minimise security permission errors experienced when configuring Wise-Sync on behalf of ConnectWise customers, specifically interacting with its REST API.

What do I need to do?

Choose one (only one can be nominated) account within your company that you can nominate as your company's Primary API Account that will always have the required security permissions in the PSA.

Want more info about PSA Security Permissions?

ConnectWise customers

See Apply ConnectWise Member Security

Autotask customers

The Primary API Account needs administrator access so that Wise-Sync can obtain things like Invoice Transaction Types and Billing Codes.

In Wise-Sync

Use the steps outlined in Configure Wise-Sync User Accounts to nominate and set your company's Primary API Account.

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