Known Issue: QBO Automated Sales Tax (US Region) Override for $0 Sales Tax Transactions

When the Override Sales Tax Level in Wise-Sync Company Settings > Tax Codes is set to Warning, Wise-Sync will override the sales tax amount and allocate the tax to the agency defined on the Tax Group or Tax Level in ConnectWise to the QBO invoice (Tax Override).

Read Override Sales Tax Level Feature for more information.


Unresolved with QBO

The issue

QBO have been made aware of a problem with their API that will not accept overrides of a $0 Tax transaction.

The solution

Until QBO resolve the issue, Wise-Sync will create an adjustment line and display a batch warning to notify that this has occurred.

Example of how the Adjustment is applied

In the ConnectWise invoice below

  • Address is blank
    • QBO AST will try to apply tax based on the state of your company‚Äôs headquarters but;
  • An out of scope tax code has been applied
    • This will override the tax QBO will try to apply

Warning on sync

Notice the SALES TAX OVERRIDE message explaining that the tax will be overridden and that we are compensating for the API issue.

Invoice in QBO

Notice the Adjustment Line added as part of the workaround.


Invoice in Sales Tax View

Notice the Tax Agency that would have been applicable with AST but has been overridden.


What you can do

The adjustment line is needed to create the invoice in QBO. You are able to remove the Adjustment line manually in QBO if you wish.

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