FAQ: How do I prepare to use Wise-Sync for ConnectWise REST Integration?

As we begin to support ConnectWise v2020.2 customers will be required to use our REST integration as they upgrade to this version. We are planning to provide support for v2020.2 in our next release, currently scheduled for the 17th February 2020.

ConnectWise and Wise-Sync need to be configured to ensure you have the best possible experience using our REST integration with ConnectWise.

ConnectWise Configuration

ConnectWise Administrators need to assist in making sure the ConnectWise Configuration is ready for REST Integration.

Configure Member Security and API Keys

The ability to sync from/to ConnectWise, relies on the ConnectWise Member that is syncing transactions having the appropriate permissions for the types of transactions being synced. This means, member restrictions to locations or business units, plus Security Role permissions need to be considered. Where there are limits to a ConnectWise Member's security permissions, Wise-Sync will display errors noting that the user does not have adequate permissions or permission is denied.

NOTE: Wise-Sync has no way of telling what permissions are missing/limited during sync. We're working with ConnectWise to see if it's a possibility in the future. In the meantime, it's best to check the articles listed above to make sure the member performing the sync has adequate permissions to access records.

Wise-Sync Configuration

Continuing on from creating Member API Keys in ConnectWise, these API Keys need to be setup for Wise-Sync Users. Also, a Primary API Account needs to be nominated for your company and ConnectWise Support enabled.

Configure Wise-Sync Users with API Keys

Once Member API Keys are created in ConnectWise, they need to be added to Wise-Sync. Check out the last steps of FAQ - How to create REST API Keys for a ConnectWise Member.

Configure the Primary API Account

Check out what is and how to configure a Primary API Account.

Q: What do I do with my Integrator Login?

The Integrator Login is required to interact with the ConnectWise SOAP API. Please keep it configured in Wise-Sync. This will allow us to support you and switch between SOAP and REST integration in case issues that can't be resolved right away can be bypassed at times that you can't wait to sync your transactions across (for example, at month end). You will not have the ability to switch between SOAP and REST integrations yourself.

Q: What happens if I have problems with my sync?
If mission critical issues occur during sync, please contact support@wise-sync.com. Our Customer Success team will attempt to troubleshoot your issue. On verification that it's a blocking issue, requiring development intervention, they have the ability to revert you back to our SOAP integration while your issue is being resolved. Once resolved, you will be put back onto the REST integration.

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