What is the ConnectWise REST API Beta Program?

ConnectWise are in the process of replacing their traditional SOAP API with a REST API. They are scheduled to stop the QA and development effort of their SOAP API at the end of this year and cannot guarantee interactions to it will not break with future updates.

This means that Wise-Sync and Wise-Pay need to start playing nicely with ConnectWise's REST API. We ported some of this functionality to support customers upgrading to ConnectWise v2019.3 (Release Notes) and over the last few months, the effort to complete the development and alpha testing has been carried out. We launched the ConnectWise REST API Beta Program in August 2019 (Blog, Release Notes) to obtain feedback from our customers, to assist us in ensuring our interactions with ConnectWise's REST API is the best that it can be, before it's rolled out to the rest of our customer base, scheduled for December, 2019.

What does it involve?

From a specific list of requirements, we sent invites to a list of Wise-Sync customers that we believe are a great fit for the program.

The ultimate goal for the ConnectWise REST API Beta Program is to obtain feedback from users that their experience with the complete ConnectWise REST API is close to, if not the same, as their experience now.

We've structured the program, so that there is minimal impact to participants. The program includes:

  • A 1:1 introduction session for us to explain what will happen during the program and what's needed from participants;
  • A mutually agreed day scheduled once per for Wise-Sync to run transaction sync on behalf of participants to obtain the results that we need;
  • A Beta Program checklist of things to look out for when participants run their own sync;
  • Prioritised support escalations for issues that arise from the experience;
  • Prioritised hot fixes to resolve any bugs found during the program; to minimise the possibility of experiencing the same issue more than once.

Want more information or interested in participating? Spots in the program are limited, however please forward your interest to support@wise-sync.com.

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