How To Configure Wise-Pay Merchant Account

After you subscribe to Wise-Pay merchant subscription, a Wise-Pay onboarding and handover session would be scheduled. During the onboarding session, one of the Wise-Pay consultants will configure your merchant account and make sure that ConnectWise, accounting package, and Wise-Pay are integrated. The consultant will make all the required configurations to make sure that ConnectWise invoices are synced to the accounting package, and then to your Wise-Pay account. By the end of this session, you would be able to add payers and take payments from them for the issued invoices.

At the same time, it is important for you to understand and remember the options available to configure your Wise-Pay merchant account. This would enable you to make ongoing changes required to your merchant account. For example, changing payment processors or setting limits on the transaction amount, or changes related to supported credit cards. The following settings are configured as a part of the merchant account configuration:

Note: These settings are exclusive to Wise-Pay merchants. A registered Wise-Pay payer cannot see these settings.

Configuration Type


Configuring Merchant AccountsHow to Configure Basic Settings for Merchant Accounts
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Configuring Settlement Groups

To proceed to taking payments for the issued invoices, see How To Get Payment for an Issued Invoice.

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