FAQ- How To Automatically Cancel Scheduled Transaction When the Invoice is Modified in the Accounting Package

Wise-Pay enables you to configure your merchant account to automatically cancel a scheduled transaction if any changes have been made to the invoice in the underlying accounting system. When configured, Wise-Pay keeps tracks of the invoices scheduled for payments and changes made to them in the accounting package. When configured:

  • Wise-Pay tracks any changes made to the invoices (through accounting package) that have been scheduled for payment. It checks the outstanding amount of the invoice every 30 minutes.

    A scheduled transaction can be canceled up to 18 hours before the scheduled payment time.

  • When a change is found: Upon finding a change, it automatically cancels the existing scheduled transaction and generates a new scheduled transaction for the same date with the modified payment. The following message is displayed

    Bank debit for invoice (#InvoiceNumber) in the amount of ($Amount) has been cancelled.  Invoice is already partially paid.  Invoice has been rescheduled on (Date) for the amount of ($Amount).

  • When full payment has been received: If the full payment is received the existing scheduled transaction is simply canceled. The following message is displayed:

    Bank Debit for invoice (#InvoiceNumber) in the amount of ($Amount) has been cancelled.  Invoice is already fully paid.

  • When the invoice is VOID: When the invoice is void, the existing scheduled transaction is simply canceled.

  • When the invoice cannot be canceled: If Wise-Pay is unable to cancel the existing scheduled transaction, it displays the following error:

    Unable to cancel scheduled bank debit.  Invoice has an allocated payment in accounting platform.  The invoice has a payment of ($Amount) already allocated.  Please ensure that the payment is removed from (Accounting Package Details).


Follow these steps to automatically cancel a scheduled transaction when the invoice is modified in the accounting package:

  1. Login to Wise-Pay as a merchant. See How do I Log Into Wise-Pay as Merchant.
  2. Ensure that a company is selected from the Company drop-down.
  3. Navigate to Configure > Merchants and click Edit merchant
    Wise-Pay displays the Account Merchant Details page. 
  4. Click the Advanced Options in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Select the Allow Payments When Scheduled and click Save to save the changes.

For more information on advanced configuration, see How To Configure Advanced Settings for Merchant Account.

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