Add a Payer

Adding your payers to Wise-Pay gives them access to the Wise-Pay portal to manage their payment methods, access copies of invoices and pay through Wise-Pay. A payer is required if you want to set them up for automatic payments.

Wise-Pay links users by email address'. By adding a user account to Wise-Pay, you are authorizing the named user to access all invoices for their company that are approved in your Account Package.

How do I get there?

To configure add a new Payer in Wise-Pay, click the Payer Admin page, click Payer Admin from the top Menu.

What do I do?

Here's how to do it:

  1. Click Add Payer
  2. Type the Payer Company Name
  3.  Enter the Payer's E-mail Address
  4. Enter the full name of the contact person for the Payer Company
  5. Click Save. You may also select Save and Edit to save and start the configuration process.
    Wise-Pay sends a welcome email to the payer’s email address with a link to create a password.

Before adding a Payer to Wise-Pay

Before you add a Payer to Wise-Pay, you should first send an email to your customers, advising them you are partnering with Wise-Pay and IntegraPay for payment processing and that they should expect an email, inviting them to become a Payer. For further information and template emails, see please refer to the following knowledge-base article:Invitation to New Clients - Not currently on DDR/ACH and Invitation to New Clients - Already on DDR/ACH (with previous provider).

We also strongly recommend that Payer's complete and return the Direct Debit Authority Form that IntegraPay have provided in their initial welcome email to you.


It is recommended that the payer company exists in ConnectWise or the accounting package (or both) before you add the payer to Wise-Pay. If you need to create a payer for a company that does not yet exist in your Accounting system, you just need to ensure that you enter the name exactly as it appears in ConnectWise (The Company Name). The Wise-Pay Payer Company is a free text field, so the information that appears is only a suggested match, and is not a requirement for you to select an item in the list.

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