Add a Payer

Once you have subscribed to Wise-Pay and completed the onboarding process, you need to add payers to enable them to pay through Wise-Pay. The payers don’t have to pay any subscriptions for making payments through Wise-Pay. It is recommended that the payer company exists in ConnectWise or the accounting package (or both) before you add the payer to Wise-Pay.


    1. Login to Wise-Pay
    2. Select Payer Admin 

    3. Click Add Payer
    4. Type the Payer Company Name
    5.  Enter the Payer's E-mail Address
    6. Enter the full name of the contact person for the Payer Company
    7. Click Save. You may also select Save and Edit to save and start the configuration process.
      Wise-Pay sends a welcome email to the payer’s email address with a link to create a password.

      Note: When typing the Payer Company Name, Wise-Pay searches the matching company names from the connected accounting application. Select the desired company name. Repeat the above process for each of the payer company created in the Accounting Package.

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