Managing Payers

A Wise-Pay Administrator has the ability to create and manage payers. You can add new payers and manage existing payers through the Payer Company Access page (accessible through the Payer Admin menu).  

The Allow Company Access user right must be selected for the user to be able to perform the following actions on Wise-Pay payers:

Note: Refer to User Access Management to learn more about setting access rights.

Icons for Easy Access

The Payer Company Access page uses various icons with a dynamic coloring scheme to describe the status of credit cards, bank accounts, and automatic payment mappings. These icons dynamically change colors based on the user or system actions. For example, the credit card icon turns red when it has expired or there are transaction errors. The following icons are displayed for each payer record:

Credit Cards Bank Accounts Auto-Pay Mappings
  • : No Credit Card
  • : Saved Credit Card with no transactions
  • : Credit Card with no errors on transactions
  • : Expiring Credit Cards
  • : Expired Credit Cards & Transaction Failures

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