FAQ - How to create REST API Keys for a ConnectWise Member

ConnectWise REST API

ConnectWise are in the process of replacing their traditional SOAP APIs with REST APIs.

What does this mean?

The way Wise-Sync interacts with ConnectWise's APIs need to change.
To prepare for this change, all users that need to Sync will need to update their Wise-Sync User Account with a set of API Keys generated in ConnectWise for each Member.  


Users will not be able to sync without any API Keys created

Looking for More information?

Customers using v2019.3 - we're seeing further updates from ConnectWise highlighting the need for Wise-Sync to provide more support for the ConnectWise REST API. The ability to sync from/to ConnectWise, relies on the ConnectWise Member that is syncing records having the appropriate permissions for the types of transactions being synced. That is, member restrictions to locations and Security Role permissions determine what you can/can't sync.

Further information can be found at:
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What do I need to do?

1. Generate the Keys in ConnectWise

  1. Go to System > Members > click the Member ID to edit Member Details  or Click on your Username in the top right > My Account
  2. Click on the API Keys tab > click Add New item icon
  3. Enter Wise-Sync in the Description Field
  4. Click SAVE (Public Key and Private Key will be generated).

Important: Store the Public and Private Keys for each member generated in your password management system. You can only view the Private Key once, after it's been generated.

2. Add the Keys to the member's Wise-Sync User Account

Note:  When copying and pasting the API keys from ConnectWise Manage, sometimes a leading space can be accidentally copied.  If your keys 

Read up on how to add the keys at Configure Wise-Sync User Accounts (see ConnectWise API Member tab)

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