Create an Integrator Login

Applies to: ConnectWise Manage

What is the Integrator Login used for?

When your ConnectWise Manage uses a legacy SOAP version, Wise-Sync connects through to your ConnectWise Manage database through two authentication methods, one is the PSA Member (API Keys) for batching the records as they are posted to the accounting package and the second is the Integrator Login which is required to allow Wise-Sync to access additional information  such as:
  • Contact Details for Customers.
  • Invoice & Purchase Order details.
  • Primary & Billing Contact records.

How do I get there?

If you are on a legacy SOAP version, to configure an Integrator Login into ConnectWise Manage, click System > Setup Tables and locate the 'Integrator Login' setup table. 

What do I do?

  1. Once inside the setup table, click the New Item icon.
  2. Enter a name for the Integrator Login (Suggested: "Wise-Sync")
  3. Enter a password for the integrator login (note down for setup inside Wise-Sync)
  4. Change the "Access Level" to [All Records]
  5. Allow access to the following APIs, you can deselect the others. Then click Save. 
  • Activity API
  • Agreement API
  • Contact API
  • Company API
  • Configuration API
  • Document API
  • Invoice API
  • Marketing API
  • Member API
  • Opportunity API
  • Product API
  • Purchasing API
  • Reporting API
  • Schedule API
  • Service Ticket API - Set the default board to any service board
  • System API
  • Time Entry API - Set the default member to any Finance Member

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