Sync Examples - What your Sync will look like

When performing a sync via Wise-Sync it only require the use of one button - SYNC NOW

Results are either "Success" or an error / warning which will display. For help with errors please see articles under Sync Errors in the Wise-Sync help database.

Please Note: If you have multiple companies you will just need to select the appropriate company from your drop down list before you perform the Sync.

There is 100% no user interaction required in the creation of invoices synced to Xero using Wise-Sync.

The only manual process that is required, is the applying of credit memos, as this can only be done in the application (both in ConnectWise and XERO).

Payment sync back to ConnectWise is a matter of clicking the SYNC NOW button on the payment tab.

  • Only invoices with changes to payment status (either allocated or de-allocated) are updated. 
  • If you want to do a full pass you can change the date to 01/01/0001 and it will force a full payment run.

Only invoices which exactly match the ConnectWise invoice number are updated, any invoices raised in XERO are not updated in ConnectWise. The system will save the current date, and only payments applied on (or after) this date will then be updated, as is the case in the sync below.

In terms of "Auditing", all batches are 1:1 between the ConnectWIse record and the XERO invoice / purchase. 

Correcting an error is simply a matter of deleting the single batched record:

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