ConnectWise GL Mapping > Purchase Order Freight

ConnectWise GL Mapping: Purchase Order Freight

This article is only applicable to partners running Version 2013.x 

UPDATE - 22/03/2014: Issue has been resolved in v2014.2

New functionality was added in v2013.1 which provides for "Purchase Order" Freight to be automatically added to the GL Entries where a freight amount has been entered onto the PO Screen.

There are a number of business rules which have been implemented by ConnectWise so that freight lines are only added to a Purchase Order where:

  • The Purchase Order Freight $Amount is > 0; and
  • The Purchase Order is fully closed.

If the Purchase Order Freight Class is unmapped the Purchase Order Line will cause an error when posting the batch in Wise-Sync.

1. Once the revenue is mapped correctly as per the following article, freight lines will appear as follows:

Note for Wise-Sync partners that have 'Enable Part Ship on POs':  a single freight line can be entered, and once this has been batched to Xero, this amount cannot be changed without deleting the batch.

In order for Wise-Sync to handle the Freight, a new GL Mapping is required for the Account Type "Purchase Order Freight".

Known Issue: Unable to add Required "Product ID" when creating "Purchase Order Freight" GL Mapping.

A work around has been set out here which will allow you to set the required fields as per the form validation. To complete this process you will need to:

  1. Set the Accounting Interface to QuickBooks

    Navigate to Setup Tables > Accounting Package
    1. Set the Accounting Package Setup to Quickbooks
    2. Ensure that there is one "Account" type (they will all default to "Class")
    3. Save the Accounting Package Setup

  2. Add the GL Mapping for Account Type "Purchase Order Freight" updating the required fields

    Navigate to Setup Tables > GL Accounts

    Click on the New Button to Create a new record:


    1. Select the Account Type (Purchase Order Freight)
    2. If the "Product ID" is disabled, return to Item 1 - Change Accounting Package to QuickBooks.

    Enter the Required Fields:

    1. Product ID = "FREIGHT" (Required by ConnectWise and Not Used by Wise-Sync)
    2. COGS Account = Your 'Freight' Cost of Goods Sold Account
    3. Account = Your 'Freight Collected' Revenue Account
    4. Non-Product ID = "FREIGHT" *Required and used by Wise-Sync*
    5. Save the new GL Account Record

  3. Set the Accounting Interface back to "Other":

    Navigate to Setup Tables > Accounting Package
    1. Set the Accounting Package Setup to Other
    2. Ensure that there is one "Account" types are as defined in Step 1 (they will all default back to "Class")
    3. Save the Accounting Package Setup.

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