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Step 4: Setup Inventory Transfer GL Account Mapping in ConnectWise

No Setup is required for GL Mapping of Inventory Transfer Accounts, as the transfers in ConnectWise are to merely move the value of stock between one Xero Asset account to Another. Wise-Sync manages the asset account for the transfer, however additional information may be required to be setup if you utilise Xero Tracking features.

The following only applies if you are utilising Xero Tracking.

Create GL Mapping for Each Location.

1. Select Inventory Transfer from the Account Type List

2. Select My Company: Structure if you are mapping to the Location Level

3. Select the desired record to map to

4. Enter the appropriate Tracking Code in the Office Level

When an inventory Transfer is processed, the following transaction is affected in Xero.

Note: Inventory Transfers are posted as a $0 invoice, which cannot be edited if a batch is deleted for re-sync to Xero. To allow a batch to re-sync, you must edit the lines of the invoice so that it has a value > $0.

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