Getting Started: Step 1.1 - Signing Up

Step 1.1: Signing Up to Wise-Pay

Once you've selected your preferred upgrade plan, the Wise-Pay team will kick off an onboarding project, which you'll see right inside Wise-Sync.

We'll keep you informed through the project on how the process is progressing. Once we've kicked off an Onboarding Project, the team will then work through the onboarding setup steps:

First, you need to connect a Google Account, this is where we'll share files securely. We don't want documents flying around the internet by email.

Step 1: Connect your Google Account

Make sure you connect your Google Account to your Wise-Sync account, so we can share the required forms with you. 

Step 2: Let us know so we can kick off a Wise-Pay Application Onboarding Project

We'll create a secure Google Drive folder to provision the required application form/s, and for you to provide the supporting documentation.  Once your application has been approved, we'll upgrade your subscription to include Wise-Pay!
    Email us now  Once your request has been received, a new Onboarding Project will be kicked off.

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