IntegraPay Merchant Configuration

IntegraPay will provide you with the API userID and password as part of your onboarding.

Log into IntegraPay with the details provided as part of your onboarding. Click on Business Details > View Details.

You need to confirm that the user name provided in this screen matches the one provided in your onboarding details.

Log in:

How do I get there?

To configure your Integrapay Merchant, click Configure from the top Menu then select Merchants.

What do I do?

Check out the settings below and what you need to do with them. Click Save when you're done!

Merchant Configuration
Merchant Account Type

Select the Merchant Account Type: Integrapay Payment Getaway

Account for Clearing PaymentsSelect the bank account you wish to allocate payments to when received through Wise-Pay.
Note: Only bank accounts with account codes or Xero accounts with "Payments Enabled" will be displayed in this drop-down.
Bank Account for Prepayments
Select the bank account you wish to allocate prepayments to
*Advanced Options
Allow DDR (Optional)
Select allow DDR' to enable the option to accept 'Bank Debit' payments. This option is only available for merchant providers accepting bank debits in your region. Please contact us if you are not sure on whether your provider allows Bank Debits.

*Advanced Options
DDR Merchant Service Type

If using other Merchant service as your "Primary Merchant Provider" select the secondary DDR provider, additional API Keys will need to be provided in the next step.
*Advanced Options
Surcharge Label
Enter your preferred name for Surcharges if they are being charged for accepting of Credit Card transactions

*Advanced Options
Accepting Payments

Select to Disable accepting payments. This is recommended until you have completed the setup and configuration.
Integrapay API Keys
Integrapay API user name

Enter the IntegraPay API user name as provided by IntegraPay as part of your Onboarding.

Integrapay API passwordEnter the IntegraPay API password
Production Account
Select if the Account Is Production Account 
Note: When an account is not set to "Production" only test transactions will be performed, no actual transactions will be processed.

Integrapay API user details
Enter the IntegraPay API user details if the DDR merchant is different to your primary merchant.

Integrapay API password
Enter the IntegraPay API password
Production Account
Select if the Account Is Production Account 


Wise-Pay will check to make sure that access using the details provided was successful.

Payment Services
    1.  Setup your Surcharges
       Setup > Configure Card Details / Surcharges
    2. Configure your Payment Services
  • Setup > Email Link for ConnectWise Invoices
    Create a Email Link to include a Pay Now button in the HTML body of the Invoice Email template sent from ConnectWise Batch Email Wizard.
  • Setup > Quosal Order Porter Integration
    Configure the Quosal Order Porter integration, to accept one-time and recurring payments instantly from Order Porter.
  • Setup > ConnectWise Customer Portal - Pay Now
    Configure the Customer Portal for ConnectWise, to enable the Pay Now Button.
  • Setup > Xero Payment Services - Pay Now
    Configure Xero Payment Services, to enable the Pay Now button.
  • Setup > QuoteWerks Integration
    Configure the Quote Werks integration, to accept one-time and recurring payments instantly from QuoteWerks
  • Setup > DeskDirector Integration
    Configure DeskDirector to directly access Wise-Pay through Invoice links.


    If you enable Payment Services for either Xero, ConnectWise or Quosal. You only need to add users if you have recurring payment (Direct Debit) agreements. Any invoice can be paid via one of the payment services without the need for creating the Wise-Pay User Accounts.

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