Merchant Configuration: BrainTree

Configure Merchant Account: Braintree

Braintree has all of the information that is required to complete the configuration of your Wise-Pay merchant account settings..

Log into Braintree with the details provided from your sign up process. If you do not have a Braintree account, Sign Up Here


Click On [Login Name] > Account Settings

Note: Your Login Name will be the account that signed up for Braintree, and has access to all admin functions. 

Step 1 - Obtain Braintree Merchant Account ID: 

  • Step 1.1 - Click on Settings > Processing

    Note: The merchant Account ID is required at a later step. Note this account ID for later reference.

    Merchant Account ID: hv5jz36g7n......

  • Step 1.2 - At the bottom of the form, note the "Merchant Account ID" this will be required for processing. Note this will be different between your Sandbox and Productions accounts.

  • Step 1.3 - From the top menu - Click on Account > My User

  • Step 1.4 - Scroll Down the Page: Click on the View API Keys button.

  • Step 1.5 - Press View.
  • Step 1.5 - Optional - If no API Key is present in the list box press the Generate New button to generate a new Key and revert to step 1.5 to view the API Key.

    Note the following settings: 

    Public Key:  
    Private Key:
    Merchant ID:

    Note:  The merchant ID listed here is different to the "Merchant Account ID" listed in step 1.1. This id is used to connect to your BrainTree Account; where the Merchant Account ID is used to connect to your processing service. This would be different for each processing account if you process cross-border transactions, or have one BrainTree account for multiple business accounts.

Log Into Wise-Pay Admin: Merchant Account Configuration

Click on the Blue Edit Icon

Step 2 - Merchant Configuration: