Payment Options - Payment Services: Xero PayNow

Step 3: Configure Xero Payment Services (Pay Now Button)

Wise-Pay supports payments processed through the Xero Payment Services, which provides for another point of contact where you can accept payment. Some add-ins such as Debtor Daddy and will link customers to their online invoices through the Xero Invoice Screens, which presents a point for customers to pay their invoices.

Wise-Pay provides for a Custom Payment Service entry point, that will connect the Pay Now button in the Xero invoice payment flow to your Wise-Pay user account. 

Step 1 - Configure Wise-Pay Pay Now Links

Select the PayNow Links tab at the top of the Account Merchant Configuration Page.

a. Log into Wise-Pay
b. Click Configure
c. Click Merchant
d. Click Edit
c. Click PayNow Links Tab

Step 1 - Click on PayNow Links menu at the top of Wise-Pay

  • Step 1.1 - Select the PayNow Link Type Type: Xero
  • Step 1.2 - Select the Proxy User, this will be the user that will be linked to proxy access.
  • Step 1.3 - Click Generate

Step 2 - Copy PayNow Link Details
  • Step 2.1 - Click on: Display
  • Step 2.2 - Copy the following details into the Xero Payment Services Configuration Screen in the following steps:

    Note: Above values are for illustration, your settings will be displayed and need to be copied exactly.

Required Details:
  • #1: URL - This is the URL used to pass through the user to resolve the correct xero account. 

Step 2 - Copy PayNow Link Settings to Xero Payment Services

You will need to have Admin rights to be able to edit the "Invoice Branding" setup configuration in Xero. 

Step 3 - Log into Xero and click on Settings menu at the top of Xero and select General Settings > Invoice Settings (Under Features).

  • Step 3.1 - Click on Payment Services button at the top of the invoice settings page.

  • Step 3.2 - Click on + Add Payment Service button.

    Select from the list Custom Payment URL

  • Step 3.3.1 - Enter Wise-Pay in the name field
  • Step 3.3.3 - Enter the URL (#1) into Your Custom URL field.
  • Step 3.3 Apply Payment Services to Invoice Theme

    To enable payment services for invoices, you need to set each branding theme to use a Wise-Pay.  

    • Step 3.3.1 - Click on Edit
    • Step 3.3.2 - Select Invoice Themes