Getting Started: Step 3 - Configure Payment Services

Step 3: Configure Payment Services

Payment Services form the basis of the integration between your Applications (ConnectWise, Quosal and Xero) to your integrated Payment Platform. 

Wise-Pay is the conduit that connects these platforms, and provides the smarts to help streamline payment processing for a number of painpoints affecting partners.

Once of the core capabilities is the ability for Wise-Pay to automatically handle Surcharges, as well as managing payment deposits directly in your accounting package.

The final Steps remaining in your quest for Payment Simplicity:

  • Setup your Surcharges, including:
    • The rate that you will charge (if any) by Card Type
    • Where the revenues should be posted for surcharges
    • Which account Wise-Pay should use to allocate payment against the invoice.

      Setup > Configure Card Details / Surcharges

  • Configure your Payment Services

  •            Configure DeskDirector to directly access Wise-Pay through Invoice links.

Note: If you enable Payment Services for either Xero, ConnectWise or Quosal. You only need to add users if you have recurring payment (Direct Debit) agreements. Any invoice can be paid via one of the payment services without the need for creating the Wise-Pay User Accounts.

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