Error Applying Payment: Unable to apply payment to Xero Invoice

Error Message:

Payments can only be applied to Invoices that are awaiting payment.  The invoice is either fully paid, draft or has been voided.

There are 3 possible reasons why would receive this error message:

  1. The invoice is in a Draft status
  2. The invoice is already paid 
  3. The invoice has been voided.

The below information will walk you through resolving the above issues

Draft Invoice:

Steps to resolve:

1. Log into your Accounting Package

2. Locate the invoice

3. Press 'Approve'

4. Log into Wise-Pay

5. Locate Unapplied payment

6. Click Retry

Payment will now be allocated to invoice in your Accounting Package.

Invoice already paid:

Steps to Resolve the Issue:

1. Log into Xero

2. Search for the Invoice

3. Click on 'Payment'

4. Click Options > Remove & Redo (voids payment)

5. Log into Wise-Pay

6. Press Retry

Payment will now be allocated to the invoice in your Accounting Package.

Invoice paid via Direct Debit & EFT:

Available options:

a) Refund the client directly (via EFT) and mark the (Prepayment) transaction as a cash refund

b) Apply the payment to the next invoice.

If you are going to apply the payment to the next auto-paid invoice, please ensure that you do that well before the payment is schedule to come out, or ensure that you can cancel and reschedule the payment directly.

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