FAQ - If a customer pays their direct debit invoice manually will it still get direct debited?

What happens if a customers accidentally pays their direct debiting invoice manually before it's due date?  Will it still get direct debited?

If a customer accidentally pays their direct debiting invoice manually before it's due date and their payment has been reconciled, will the invoice still be direct debited? 
Yes, direct Debiting payments will still be processed.

Direct Debiting Payments:

Direct debit payments will still be processed as they aren't real time payments we are unable to check whether payment has been made.


If you receive a manual payment for direct debit transactions and manually reconcile it in your accounting package then you will need to cancel the direct debiting payment.
To cancel the schedule payment:
1. Go to 'Scheduled Payments'
2. Click on 'Actions'
3. Click on 'Cancel'.

Using Wise-Pay to pay invoices:

If a customer uses Wise-Pay to pay an invoice and do not manually process it through their bank account then the system will be able to prevent this action.
The user will receive the following notification:
''Payment has been scheduled for debit from [Bank Account] on [Date] for the amount of: [$Amount].  Please ensure funds are available.  To make payment prior to scheduled date, please contact [Name] on [Phone number].

Credit Card Payments:

For scheduled credit card payments we are able to check for existing payment as they are real time payments.  And payment will not be made.

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