Check scheduled bank debits against invoice due balance prior to the day of payment.

Currently if a Payer has paid an invoice in the days prior to a Auto-Payment or Scheduled DDR, and the user has not been able to cancel the debit then the Payer will be deducted the amount twice.   To stop this from happening we have now added a new Feature which will check the payment the day prior to check for any changes to the debit amount. If the system determines that there is a difference in the balance then the debit will be re-scheduduled or cancelled based on the balance remaining. 

IMPORTANT: If the payment is scheduled for the processing within a 24 hours window of the debit date then payment cannot be checked, and will be submitted based on the initial scheduled payment amount. 

If payment is scheduled more than two days in advance of the debit date, the payment amount will be validated against the invoice due amount:

  • Wise-Pay will check the Invoice in your Accounting Package for any payments; then
  • Check the amount Scheduled to debit against as the invoice payment amount.

Wise-Pay will check the Invoice Outstanding Amount in each instance where there is a change detected from the Auto-Payments widgets, which refreshes every 30mins.

When the invoice is Fully Paid:  

If there is no payment outstanding, Wise-Pay will cancel the Bank Debit and display the following transaction failure which will require an admin user to resolve:

Bank Debit for invoice (#InvoiceNumber) in the amount of ($Amount) has been cancelled.  Invoice is already fully paid.

When the amounts are different: 

If the amount is different then we will cancel the bank debit

If the initial payment can be cancelled successfully, then we will re queue the transaction for the new amount to be processed on the same payment date. The following notification will be displayed: 

Bank debit for invoice (#InvoiceNumber) in the amount of ($Amount) has been cancelled.  Invoice is already partially paid.  Invoice has been rescheduled on (Date) for the amount of ($Amount).

When an scheduled payment cannot be cancelled with the payment provider:


If we Wise-Pay is unable to cancel the payment prior to re-submission you will receive the following error:

Unable to cancel scheduled bank debit.  Invoice has an allocated payment in accounting platform.  The invoice has a payment of ($Amount) already allocated.  Please ensure that the payment is removed from (Accounting Package Details).

Configure Bank Checks:

1. Hover on 'Configure'

2. Select 'Merchants'

3. Click 'Edit' on the company you wish to configure

4. Click 'Advanced Options'

4. Tick 'Cancel Paid DDR'

5. Click 'Save'