Xero Conversion Invoices

Xero Conversion Invoices

What this means:

For invoices before the conversion date Wise-Pay we retain the ConnectWise Invoice number and the Xero Invoice Number.

Displayed as:

Records will be displayed as: Reference number (ConnectWise Number) - Invoice Number (Xero)


1. Log into Wise-Sync
2. Click Companies
3. Click on the Company you wish to amend
4. Click Payment Sync Options
5. Tick Payment Sync Invoice Number Override
6. Enter Conversion Date
7. Click Save

IMPORTANT: When enabling this feature, you must create a public / private key in ConnectWise to access the API via REST.  These setting are configurable in the 'CW API Member' tab when editing your Wise-Sync Account.

For further information please refer to the following knowledge based article: http://kb.wise-sync.com/knowledgebase/articles/1173868


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