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You can configure the Terms & Disclaimers for each item to be very basic, simply getting your customers to click to confirm the Terms and Disclaimers they have already agreed to as part of their MSP or ACH/DD agreement or you can have your business's entire Terms and Disclaimers displayed again for your clients to acknowledge.  For example, you could copy and paste the whole of the IntegraPay DDR/ACH Service Agreement.

Best Practice would be for Terms and Disclaimers to repeat the full agreement that your client has already accepted and signed for them to acknowlege once more.  In most cases, where you already have these agreements in place, you may choose to use a simplified version.

You should ensure you are adhering to all applicable laws relating to trading, the sale of goods and/or services in your jurisdiction, and complying with documentation requirements relating to the use of contracts or agreements for future reference. 

During your Onboarding, the team configured basic Terms and Disclaimers, however it is strongly recommended to go back and review / update these terms and disclaimers.
For more information configuring your Terms and Disclaimers please refer to:

The below Terms and Disclaimers are available for configuration:

User Account Terms - Your Companies Terms and Conditions.

Saved Card Terms -  Your Companies Terms and Disclaimers to securely store Credit Card details for future use.

Saved Bank Account Terms -  Your Companies Terms and Disclaimers to securely store Banks Account details for future use.

Payment Terms - Client is authorizing payment to be processed.

Direct Debit Request (DDR) - Your Companies Direct Debit Terms.

Automatic Payments - Your Companies Automatic Payment Terms.

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