Wise-Pay: Version 1.3.4 Release Notes

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Hot Fix Release:

  • WP-127: Error Logging not working in Task Schedule Jobs with legacy logging (4th July 2017)
  • WP-126: Wise-Pay DDR Update Job should not update payment status when IP status is 'cleared' (4th July 2017)
  • WP-112: Timezone Conversion Grace Period is Ignored for Invoice Due Date Schedule Mode (29th June 2017)
  • WP-11: Batch and Total Allocated Amount Totals Keep adding infinitely when the select all / deselected all are repeatedly press (29th June 2017)
  • WP-109: Widget URL passes & as first paramater and No Data Loaded on Outstanding Payments (29th June 2017)
  • WP-110: Add "All Accounts" to the Wise-Pay account picker (29th June 2017)
  • WP-100: UHE when manually fixing transaction (29th June 2017)
  • WP-92: Print Invoice / Surcharge Invoice returns incorrect Record (29th June 2017)
  • WP-94: UHE in Meeting List Page (14th June 2017)
  • WP-80: Transactions that fail to process payment in accounting system are clearing transaction failure when transaction is not found in Payment Provider (14th June 2017)
  • WP-93: "Manual Fix" and "Retry" Flows not working for Non-IntegraPay Merchants (14th June 2017)
  • WP-79: Unable to Process QBO Payments Due to Missing Libraries (13th June 2017)
  • WP-75: UHE When Creating Prepayments in Xero (9th June 2017)
  • WP-70: Unable to Rename Payer Company Name (9th June 2017)

Release date: 9th June 2017


New Features:

Issues Fixed:

  •  #1439: Wise-Pay > Transaction Log Widgets > Page Cannot be found when clicking on "View All" logs
  • #1427: Wise-Pay > Account Merchant Configuration > Wise-Pay Onboarding Checks Warning Displaying for Merchant Admins
  • #1399: Wise-Pay > Batch Invoices > Duplicating Invoice numbers on error message
  • #1420: Wise-Pay > Payment Reference and Card does not match show details provider reference
  • #1259: Wise-Pay > Make widgets load asynchronously
  • #1433: Wise-Pay > Outstanding Payment & Scheduled Payment Widget Display Issues
  • #1438: Wise-Pay > IntegraPay Company Name Migration > Script Deletes Business Display ID
  • #1428: Wise-Pay > Batch Payments > Handle Transaction Limits
  • #1310: Wise-Pay > Surcharge Invoice > Create Invoice fails when invoice number already exists (in Xero Context)  

Internal Fixes:

  • #1419: Wise-Pay > Add Monthly Account Merchant Stats
  • #1376: Wise-Pay > Payer Payment Methods > Payment Method Not Added During Sign-up and Proposal Registration
  • #1421: Server Configuration > Prepare Solution for Load Balancing

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