Credit Card Surcharges Guidelines

In relation to Credit Card Surcharges, under the new ACCC regulations, you are able to pass on the full credit card acceptance costs levied on the payment.  In in accordance with the regulation, you can justify this cost based on those costs charged by IntegraPay.

This includes:

  • The surcharge charged for the transaction in full
  • The transaction fee charged for accepting payment
  • A porportion of the monthly fee charged by Wise-Pay*

We recommend that this cost is not passed on, as it requires a variable calculation based on the total number of payments processed, where each of the costs assoicated with IntegraPay are direct to the transaction. 

For more information regarding Credit Card Surcharges and amount please refer to the ACCC website:

Credit, Debit & Prepaid Card Surcharges

Q & A: Payment surcharges

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