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Create GL Mapping Records to all other Account Types

In this section we will be mapping the remaining types. Although all Account Types are available to be mapped, only those which correspond to the additional functions of Wise-Sync are required to ensure that data can be correctlu synced to XERO, as many records are created at the time of the record being closed, we recommend that mapping is created for additional data types if you plan on using the features in Wise-Sync at a later stage.

ConnectWise Record Types

The following additional steps are required when you subscribe to a plan with the features enabled. Refer to our website for more information on plans and features.

Wise-Sync Enhanced Integration Features

Where the above additional integration features are not enabled, then the following Account Types are coresspondingly not required to be mapped.

Account types not required to be mapped when Wise-Sync Features are NOT Enabled

Wise-Sync Feature: Expenses
  • Expense - Internal
  • Expense - External
  • Expense Offset

Wise-Sync Feature: Inventory
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Inventory Offset
  • Inventory Transfer

Note for ConnectWise Procurement Users: Wise-Sync will still export the Procurement Items (as Purchase Orders), however Inventory adjustments, transfers and offsets will only be posted to Xero when Wise-Sync Inventory is enabled.
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