Xero Tracking for Product Category Level.

Wise-Sync has enabled you to Track a number of different categories:

  1. Owner Level
  2. Office
  3. Workgroup
  4. Product Category Level

This document will walk you through the steps for a Product Category Level. Before you can start tacking product categories you need to ensure that you have set up your configuration for Xero and ConnectWise. The below links will walk you through this process.


Set up tracking categories to monitor different areas of your business: Set up tracking categories


GL Accounts Setup Table

Accounting Package Setup Table


To enable Tracking:

  1. Log into Wise-Sync
  2. Click on Companies
  3. Click on your Company Name
  4. Click Xero Tracking Tab
  5. Tick the Check Box for: Enable tracking categories.

    Note: Select this option to enable Tracking Categories to be updated on the invoice lines. Before enabling ensure that your Xero Organisation has Tracking enable, that Tracking Categories are defined in your Wise-Sync Account Setup and that Tracking Classes have been configured in ConnectWise GL Account Setup.

  6. In Wise-Sync Click Account
  7. Click the Tracking Categories Tab
  8. Enter your categories as per ConnectWise and Xero.
  9. Click Save

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