Introduction to Wise-Pay Payer Dashboard

When you log into your Wise-Pay payer account, Wise-Pay displays a dashboard containing invoices originating from your Wise-Pay merchant. These invoices are displayed in the following three pods or sections; outstanding payments, scheduled payments and past payments.

Outstanding Payments Scheduled Payments Past Payments

The Outstanding Payments pod displays the invoices with outstanding payments. This also includes the invoices that have been automatically scheduled using the automatic payments feature. As long as the full payment for the invoice is not paid and the underlying accounts are not settled in the accounting system, the invoices would stay in this pod. 

Note: A calendar icon next to the Total Outstanding amount of an invoice indicates that it has been scheduled for payment.

Available Actions

The following actions are available through the Actions dropdown on each invoice displayed in the Outstanding Invoice pod:

  • Pay Now by Credit Card: Enables you to make a payment for this invoice. You can either make full or partial payment for this invoice.See Pay an Invoice Through Pay Now.
  • Schedule a Bank Debit: Enables you to set a schedule for paying this invoice. Once scheduled, the invoice would be visible in the Scheduled Payments.¬†See Schedule a Payment.
  • Bath Pay Now: Enables you to make a payment for a batch of invoices issued by the same Wise-Pay merchant. See What are Batch Payments.
  • Download PDF: ¬†Enables you to download a PDF copy of this invoice.

The following diagram shows a sample dashboard for a payer:

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