Introduction to Wise-Pay Setup

This is the moment that you've been waiting for, finally a payment integration that changes the way that you accept and manage payments.

For too long, the capabilities of payment systems have been about taking the cash, and leaving the test to you to figure out.  The reality is that by accepting credit card payments it can result in hours wasted reconciling, matching and finding information on transaction, burning through hours of your valuable time; and don't get us started on the cost ...

Well, no more!  Wise-Pay is going to get you online accepting payment in a flexible and cost effective way.

If you've previously worked through the Wise-Sync setup, you'll be familiar with our step-by-step processes, designed to help you through the simple (but complex) steps. Good news is that Wise-Pay has less configuration; more relaxation.

So let’s get started!

Here's what you will need to do to configure Wise-Pay, create users, receive payments and links to pages that will help you get started.

1. Wise-Pay Setup:

Signing Up
Selecting Payment Provider
Account Branding
Third Party Providers
3rd Party Configurations

2. Merchant Configuration:

Configure Merchant Accounts
Configure Terms & Disclaimers


3. Payment Services:

Configuring Card Details & Surcharges
  • Quosal Order Porter
  • ConnectWise Customer Portal
  • ConnectWise PayNow email Link
  • Xero Pay Now 

4. Payer Admin

Here you are able to manage users that would like to pay invoices.  This will allow you to link a payers email address to view all outstanding invoices to your account company for a single company name.  They will be able to download the invoice to print as a pdf and also pay the invoice via your configured/preferred merchant.  Wise-Pay will accept payments without adding users, you only need to add users if you wish to allow users (or admins) to have access to their Wise-Pay portal to manage the user.
Creating & Managing Wise-Payers
Wise-Payer Registration

5. Scheduling Auto-Payments

Configure Auto-Payment Settings & Billing Terms
Adding Wise-Payers & Configuring Auto-Payments
Payers Communication

6. Frequently Asked Questions

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